(a) Write a note an Arjun Award?

(a) Write a note an Arjun Award?
(b) Mention the governing rules for of Arjun Award.

(a) Arjuna Award : This prestigious sports award was first introduced in the year 1961. It was named after the great perfect student ‘Arjuna’ (of Mahabharata). As per revised schematic guidelines, this award is given to the sports personality who excels in games and sports for three consecutive years (at National and International level) and also have shown qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and statute of Arjuna. This award is decided by a ten member committee (seven Olympic players and three SAI officials.) It is given in three categories
(a) Olympic/Asian/World Cup/ World Champion-ship/Commonwealth Games/Cricket,
(b) Indigenous/Indian games, © Physically challenged games or sports.
(b) Rules of Arjun Award : Following are the rules for Arjuna Awards :

  1. Its main aim is to ameliorate the standard of sports in the country.
  2. The Government of India demands the list of sportspersons from National SportsFederations which are recognised by the Government of India. This list is submitted every year on a fixed date.
  3. Generally this award is given to one player of a game but this can be given to a female player of the same game.
  4. The fixed date can be extended by the Government of India.
  5. The Government of India forms a special committee which vividly inspects the list of players already sent by various federations of sports. After proper inspection, the special commiittee sends this list to the Government of India.
  6. If the Government of India does not receive any list from Sports Federations
    in any year, then it may award any specific player for that year.
  7. Any sports federation can send a list of three players to the Government of India. Though Government of India gives award to only one player but in case of a female, she can also be awarded. So maximum two players i.e. one male and one female can be selected for the award from a game.
  8. The final decision regarding Arjuna Award lies in the hands of the Government of India.
    .9. The Government of India decides the date and venue for the presentation of Arjuna Award.
  9. Arjuna award cannot be presented to a player, second time.
  10. Arjuna award can be given posthumously.
  11. The Government of India can nullify the award of any sportsperson.
  12. The decision of the Government of India is last and final regarding these rules. There cannot be any hearing about such cases.
  13. The individual, whose name is recom mended for the Arjuna Award, should obey these rules.