(a) Why is there a need to conserve biodiversity?

(a) Why is there a need to conserve biodiversity?
(b) Name and explain any two ways that atre rsposible for the loss of biodiversity.

(a)1.To continue to get the products of human consumption.
2.Plays major role in many ecosyctem services that nature provides and that is invaluable.
Moral duty to pass on biological legacy in good order to future generations.
(b)1.Habitat loss and fragmantation-large habitats when broken lead to loss of habitat for animals needing large territories-population decline.
2.Over expoitation-leading to extinction of many, especially commercially important species.
3.Alien species invasion-alien species when introduced may turn invasive causing decline and extinction of indigenous species//explain with an example.
4.Coextinction-when one species become extinct, any other organism intimately associated also becomes extinct.