(a) Who were the amateurs and professionals?Expalin

(a) Who were the amateurs and professionals?
(b) Give two reasons why rich were amateurs
© "The laws of cricket always give the benefit of doubt to the batsman. Why?

(a) In England, cricketers were divided into two distinct groups. The affluent and the rich players who played cricket for leisure were known as ‘amateurs and the poor who played the cricket for money were called as professionals’.
(b) The rich were amateurs due to following reasons
(i) The amateurs considered sport a kind of leisure.
(ii) There was not enough money in the game for the rich.
© The laws of cricket gave benefit of doubt to the batsman because the amateurs were always batsmen. As most of the cricket clubs were controlled by the aristocrat class, they moulded the laws in favour of their interest.