(a) What are the reforms needed to decrease doctors' absenteeism?Explain

(a) What are the reforms needed to decrease doctors’ absenteeism?
(b) What values/lesson you have learnt from the doctors’ absenteeism?

(a) To control doctors’absenteeism some reform proposals are given below
(i) The government should make it compulsory for the doctors to live in the village where they are posted; otherwise their service should be terminated.
(ii) District administration and police should carry out surprise raids to check the attendance of the doctors. Village Panchayat should be given the power to write the annual report of the doctor which should be read out in the Gram Sabha meeting. Big states like Uttar Pradesh should be split into several smaller states which can be administered more efficiently.
(b) From the doctors’ absenteeism, I have learnt the ’ importance of responsibility in our life.