(a)State the objective of a animal breeding

(a)State the objective of a animal breeding.
(b)List the importance and limitation of inbreeding.How can the limitations can be overcome?
©Give an example of new breed each of cattle and poultry.

(a)Increases the yield of animal and improving the desirable qualities of the produce
1.increases homozygosity
2.helps to evolve pure line.
3.helps to expose hrmful recessive genes
4.helps in accumulation of superior genes.
It reduces the fertility and also the productivity of an animal.Continuous inbreeding among cattle causes inbreeding depression.It decreases the fertility and, even, productivity of an animal.It can be overcome by applying outbreeding, in which mating is done between different breeds or individuals of the same breed but having no common ancestors.Outb reeding includes out-crossing, cross-breeding and interspecific hybridisation.
(c)Jersey/Hisardale- a new breed by crossing Bikaneri ewes and Miranio rams(cattle) and Leghorn(poultry).