A short speech on Mother's Day

A short speech on Mother’s Day.

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  1. Mother is special because she loves her children, shares their feelings, helps them and keeps them happy.

  2. Mom is always caring, supportive and loving. A mother’s heart is brave soft, keenly intelligent. resourceful and quick and skilled in action. A mother’s heart is flexible.

  3. A mother’s heart is sustained and empowered by the purity of its soul intention to see the family through.

  4. Mother encourage each member of the family with its diverse, individual personalities. To embrace the family as a whole with love and respect.

  5. Unyielding in her effort, the mother’s heart sacrifices its own pleasure for the well-being of the family. We must thank her on this day.

  6. This special day is celebrated in some countries by children preparing the breakfast for their mom and giving her a gift to show her she is special.