A person is suffering from watery diarrhoea

A person is suffering from watery diarrhoea, effortless vomiting without nausea and loss of several litres of fluid takes place within hours.
(i) Name the disease and its causal organism.
(ii) State some preventive measures to avoid this disease.
(iii) How this disease can be controlled?

(i) The person is suffering from cholera and it is caused by bacterium Vibrio cholerae.
(ii) Preventive measures to avoid this disease are:
(a) Boiled water and cooked food should be taken in cholera prone areas. Good personal hygiene and proper sanitation in the community is necessary for protection against cholera.
(b) People should be immunized by cholera
vaccine. One dose of immunization lasts for about six months.
(iii) Control measures for this disease are:
(a) For prevention, dehydration therapy with ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) should be done.
(b) Antibiotics such as tetracycline kill bacteria of cholera.