(a) Mention the source of inspiration for

(a) Mention the source of inspiration for
(i) BJP (ii) Congress (iii) BSP .
(b) Mention.any one step taken by the Supreme
Court of India in order to reduce the influence of money and criminals in politics.
© What values/lesson you have leamt from the above question?

(a) The source ofinspiration for
(i) BJP It draws inspiration from India’s ancient culture and values.
(ii) Congress It is a centrist party, supports secularism and welfare of weaker sections and minorities.
(iii) BSP It stands for the cause of securing the interests and welfare of the Dalits and oppressed people.
(b) Supreme Court makes it mandatory for every candidate, who contests elections to file an affidavit giving details of his property and criminal cases pending against him.
© From the above question, I have learnt the values of reducing the influences of money and crime from politics.