A manufacturing company employs 14 project managers

A manufacturing company employs 14 project managers, 48 foremen, and 377 laborers. In an effort to keep informed about any possible sources of employee discontent, management wants to conduct job satisfaction interviews with a sample of employees every month.

a) Do you see any potential danger in the company’s plan? Explain.
b) Propose a sampling strategy that uses a simple random sample.
c) Why do you think a simple random sample might not provide the representative opinion the company seeks?
d) Propose a better sampling strategy.
e) Listed below are the last names of the project managers. Use random numbers to select two people to be interviewed. Explain your method carefully.

  1. Barrett
  2. DeLara
  3. Maceli
  4. Rosica
  5. Williams
  6. Bowman
  7. DeRoos
  8. Mulvaney
  9. Smithson
  10. Yamamoto
  11. Chen
  12. Grigorov
  13. Pagliarulo
  14. Tadros