(a) Define potential energy. Write an expression for potential energy of an object of mass m raised through a height h.(b) Find the energy possessed by an object of mass 10 kg when it is raised to a height of six metre above the ground.Given g- 9.8 m s^-2

(a) An object increases its energy when raised through a height. This is because work is done on it against gravity while it is being raised. The energy present in such an object is the gravitational-potential energy. This gravitational-potential energy of an object at a point above the ground is defined as the work done in raising it from the ground to that point against gravity.
An object of mass m, when raised through a height h from the ground, then work done by this object will be
W = force x displacement = mg x h = mgh

(b) Potential energy will be the work done by the object i.e.,
W = mgh = 10 x 9.8 x 6 = 588 J