Suggest and explain any five measures to reform political parties



Suggest and explain any five measures to reform political parties.

Five measures/suggestions to reform political parties are:

  • A Law should be made to regulate the internal affairs of political parties .It should be made compulsory for the political parties to maintain registers of its members.
  • ToTollow its own constitution.
  • To hold open elections to the highest post.
  • It should be made mandatory for all political parties to give a minimum number of tickets, about l/3rd to women candidates.
  • There should be a quota for women in the decision making bodies of the party.
  • There should be state funding of election. The government should give parties money to support their election expenses.
  • People can put pressure on political parties in various ways through petitions, publicity and agitations.
  • Ordinary citizens, pressure groups and movements and the media can play an important role in this.
  • Minimum qualification should be high school pass.