State some economic benefits of rivers and lakes



State some economic benefits of rivers and lakes.

  • Water from the rivers is a basic natural resource, essential for various human activities.
  • The river banks have attracted settlers from ancient times. These settlements have now become big cities.
  • Using rivers for irrigation, navigation, hydro-power generation is of special significance.
  • Rivers are very significant for countries like India where agriculture is the livelihood for a majority of the population.
  • Lakes help to develop tourism and provide recreation.
  • Rivers have been of fundamental importance throughout human history.


× Lakes
• Lakes are great value to human being .
• Lakes are help to regulate the flows of river .
• Lakes are help to prevent flooding during rainy season .
× River
• River help to develop hydel power .
• They provide water for irrigation , drinking & other requirement .
• They help to develop fisheries
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