How do plants manage the waste materials?



How do plants manage the waste materials ?
A. 1) Plants can get rid of excess water by a process like transpiration and guttation.
2) Waste products may be stored in leaves, bark and fruits.
3) When these dead leaves, bark arid ripe fruits fall off from the tree then waste products in them are get rid of.
4) Some of the plants waste gets stored in the fruits in the form of solid bodies called Raphides. e.g: Yam.
5) Severed plants prepare chemicals and store them in roots, leaves, seeds, etc., for protection against herbivores.
6) The plants excrete carbon dioxide produced as a waste during respiration only at night time.
7) The plants excrete oxygen as a waste only during the daytime.
8) The plants get rid of wastes by secreting them in the form of gums and resins.
9) Plants also excrete some waste substances into the soil around them.