Explain why sliding friction is less than static friction



Explain why

  1. sliding friction is less than static friction
  2. objects moving in fluids must have special shapes.


  1. Friction comes into play when irregularities present in the surfaces of two objects in contact get interlocked with each other. In sliding, the time given for interlocking is very small. Hence, interlocking is not strong. Therefore, less force is required to overcome this interlocking. Because of this reason, sliding friction is less than static friction.
  2. When a body moves through a fluid, it experiences an opposing force which tries to oppose its motion through the fluid. This opposing force is known as the drag force. This frictional force depends on the shape of the body. By giving objects a special shape, the force of friction acting on it can be minimised. Hence, it becomes easier for the body to move through the fluid.