Explain any three common features of the popular struggles in Nepal and Bolivia



Explain any three common features of the popular struggles in Nepal and Bolivia.


Some important conclusions can be drawn out from the movement of Nepal and the struggle of Bolivia.
The struggle in Bolivia was against one specific policy and the struggle in Nepal was about the foundations of the country’s politics. Both these struggles were successful but their impact was at different levels.
Instead of the differences;they both share some common elements which are significant for the study of the past and future of democracies. We can draw a few conclusions from these struggles (t) Democracy evolves through popular struggles.
Sometimes it is possible that an important decision may take place through consensus (general agreement) and it does not involve any controversy.
But moments of democracy usually involve conflict between the groups who have exercised power and those who want a share in power. These moments come when the country is passing through a transition period, i.e. transition to democracy from monarchical system.
(ii) Democratic conflict is resolved through mass
mobilisation. Generally, conflict can be resolved by the Parliament or Judiciary. But when there is deep dispute, the resolution has to come from the people.
(iii) Democratic conflicts and mobilisation are based on new political organisations. The spontaneous public participation becomes effective with the help of organised politics. Organised politics has many agencies like political parties, pressure groups and movement groups.