Describe the Saminist Movement in Indonesia



Describe the Saminist Movement in Indonesia.


The Saminist Movement started in the last decade of the 19th century in Java. Surontiko Samin of Randublatung village, a teak forest village headed the movement.
The Dutch government forced the farmers to pay taxes on land and restricted villagers, access to forest by enacting the Forest Law in Java.
Samin questioned state ownership of the forest. He argued that the state had not created the wind, water, earth and wood, so it could not own it.
Soon a widespread movement started. Samin’s sons-in-law took the leadership. By 1907, 3000 families started following the ideas of Samin.
Some of the rebels protested by lying down on their land, when the Dutch came to survey the land.
Some even refused to pay taxes or fines or perform free labour.