Describe any three characteristics of the novel Durgeshnandini



The three characteristics of the novel Durgeshnandini are
(i) Durgeshnandini was not only Bankim’s first novel, it was first major Bengali novel in the history of Bengali literature.
(ii) Thirteen editions of the novel were published during the lifetime of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. It was translated into English, Hindi and Kannada. This novel has been made into a Bengali and a Hindi film as well.
(iii) Durgeshnandini was a story of a love triangle between Jagat Singh, a Mughal General, Tilottama, the daughter of a Bengali feudal Lord and Ayesha, the daughter of a rebel Pathan leader against whom Jagat Singh was fighting.
The story was based on the age old fight between good and evil.