An Alkene 'A' contains three C—C, eight C—H a bonds and one C—C n bond. A' on ozonolysis gives two moles of an aldehyde of molar mass 44 u. Write IUPAC name of 'A'



Alkene A contains 3C—C, 8C—H a bonds and one C—C $\pi $ bond. Alkene A has one C = C double bond. An aldehyde containing one —CHO group and having molar mass of 44 a.m.u. has to be C${{H}{3}}$—CHO and since two moles of C${{H}{3}}$CHO are obtained by ozonolysis of alkene A, the alkene has to be joined by two C${{H}{3}}$CH groups by a double bond. It has to be C${{H}{3}}$—CH = CH—C${{H}_{3}}$, i.e., But 2 ene. But-2 -ene contains 3C—C a bonds, 8C—H a bonds and one C—C n bond.