. After reading this (Transportation - The circulatory system) lesson,



After reading this (Transportation - The circulatory system) lesson, what precautions would you suggest to your elders about edema ?
A. Edema is formally known as dropsy or hydroxy. This is abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, which is located beneath the skin or one or more cavities of the body It is clinically shown as swelling.
Generally this occurs by inactivity and is clearer in elders, the lower part of the legs will be swollen.
I suggest the following precautions to prevent edema.

  1. Moving legs frequently in long journeys
  2. Don’t sit long time in a single position.
  3. Try to walk and stand.
  4. It is good to get down and get up often, from buses and trains in long journey.
  5. It is good to stretch the legs in journeys.