CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Business Studies

Classify the role of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the promotion of internal trade (2)
You have often heard the name of FICCI in context to the affiliation of chamber of commerce (2)
Write a short note on chamber of commerce and industry (1)
Explain the usefulness of mail orders houses. What type of products are generally handled by them? Specify (1)
Discuss the features of a departmental store. How are they different from multiple shops or chain Stores? (1)
Itinerant traders have been an integral part of internal trade in India (2)
A large sized company manufacturing shoes of Indian market, (2)
Explain the various types of itinerant traders (1)
What difficulties would a consumer face if there is no retail shop? (2)
Distinguish between wholesalers and retailers (1)
What are the services offered by the retailers to wholesalers and consumers? (1)
Explain the services offered by wholesalers to manufacturers (1)
How does the wholesaler help the manufacturer in availing a economies of scale? (1)
How does market information provided by the wholesalers benefit the manufacturers? (1)
What purpose is served by wholesalers providing warehousing facilities? (1)
Specify the characteristics of fixed shop retailers (1)
Mention the factors that are responsible for lack of popularity of mail order retailing in India (1)
'Easy Day', 'Vishal Mega Mart’ and 'Big Bazaar' are the examples of which type of fixed shops? (2)
What is meant by large scale retailing ? Mention the most common forms of large scale retailing (1)
According to your view point, what functions are performed by a retailer? (1)
List three difficulties that a manufacturers will face if a wholesaler is eliminated (1)
How can you say that wholesale and retail trade are the part of internal trade? (1)
How can you differentiate wholesale trade and retail trade? (1)
What is internal trade ? State its important features (2)
Higher unemployment and low income in the rural areas results in low purchasing power of the rural people, (2)
What measures has the government taken to solve the problem of finance and marketing in the small scale sector? (2)
What are the incentives provided by the government for industries in backward and hilly areas? (2)
Khadi Gramodyog units working on a small scale. From where does it procure funds? Elaborate (1)
What role does SIDBI play in promoting SSIs? (1)
Under NCEUS, what issues are being considered? (1)