Write the various scopes of physical education

Write the various scopes of physical education.

The scopes of physical education are given below:
(i) Games and sports for Competition : Physical education promotes individual and team efforts in a healthy way. These activities keep us fit along with good competition.
(ii) Rehabilitation Purpose : Physical education helps to cure many health problems like weight control, weight gain, good posture, regaining strength after injury, etc.
(iii) General Health Improvement: It helps body to function properly, thus developing optimum health (organic development).
(iv) Fitness Development : Physical education and its activities help to gain in strength, power, endurance, speed, etc., thus it helps to develop general physical fitness.
(v) Dance : Dance consists of physical movements and also helps to achieve the same aim.
(vi) Yogic Exercise : Yoga techniques also involve physical activities, thus it is a part of physical education. It develops physical, spiritual and mental development along with Optimum health.
(vii) Cultural Purpose : Physical education promotes cultural and traditional values through physical activities like playing gatka, malkhamb, kabaddi, latthi/dandd, etc.
(viii) An Academic Subject : Physical education can be studied as an academic subject for higher knowledge, It has many related subjects like kinsiology, sports psychology, biomechanics, sports medicine, anthropometry; exercise physiology, etc.
(ix) Developing Social Values : It develops social qualities like friendship, team spirit, co-operation, adjustment, tolerance, etc., thus improves socialisation process.
(x) Recreational Purpose : It helps to refresh and recreate the lost energy. Thus, gives us fun, pleasure and enjoyment. It brings wellness in the individual.