Write the functions of the following :

Write the functions of the following
(i) Centromere (ii) Cell wall
(iii) Smooth ER (iv) Golgi apparatus (v) Centrioles

(i) Functions of Centromere
(a) It is a narrow non-stainable area which join chromatids together to form a chromosome.
(b) The centromere thus, keep the two chromatids of a chromosome in an intact stage.
© This is an essential step for chromosomes of a cell during cell division whether it may be mitosis or meiosis.

(ii) Functions of Cell Wall Refer to text on page no. 266.
(iii) Functions of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
(a) It provides mechanical support to colloidal complex of cytoplasmic matrix.
(b) It holds various cell organelles in position.
(V) It conducts information from outside to inside of cell.
(iv) Functions of Golgi Apparatus Refer to text on page no. 267.
(v) Functions of Centxioles
(a) Formation of new centrioles from pre-existing one’s during cell division.
(b) They form basal bodies, which in turn form cilia and flagella.
© They for masters that function as spindle pole.