Write note on Asian Games

Write note on Asian Games.

The beginning of Asian Games came from the continuous effort of G.D. Sondhi and Maharaja Yadvender Singh (of Patiala) since 1930. Initially 'Western Asiatic Games’were introduced in 1934 at New Delhi. Later they planned an idea of organising sports competition among Asian countries like Olympics. This idea came to real existance when delegates from Burma, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan, Afganistan, Indonesia and India approved this ‘Asian Games’. Thus, Asian Games Federation (AGF) was formed in 1948 to control and regulate rules. This, AGF recommended India to host first Asian Games. Thus, the first Asian Games were organised in 1951 at New Delhi. The AGF announced the motto of Asian games, “Ever Onward” and followed the pattern of Olympic Games. Then onward these games are continuously played on regular interval of four years. The emblem of Asian Games is “The full rising sun with eleven rings”