Write about the various crops and production under diversification of agriculture?

Various crops and production under diversification of agriculture are as follows :
(i) Food grains : The production of food grains
is increasing in India continuously during the plan period. India has a second place in the production of wheat and rice in the world. In 2007-08 the total food grain production in India was 2307 lakh tonnes. There is a need to achieve the target of 3300 lakh tonnes to remove the poverty.
(ii) Commercial crops : In India, the production
of commercial crops is also rising continuously India has a second place in producing sugarcane and third place in producing cotton in the world.
(iii) Horticulture : There is a continuous increase
in the production of fruits and vegetables in India. India has first place in vegetables and second place in producing fruits in the world. After the adoption of new economic policy, horticulture production has increased rapidly.
(iv) Floriculture : After new economic policy the
production of flowers is rising much. The exports of flowers are also increasing. Flowers worth 68 crore dollars have been exported in 2007-08. India can earn one arab dollars from the exports of flowers by 2010