Write about the government efforts to improve agricultural marketing?

Government efforts are as follows
(i) To set up regulated markets : Regulated markets have been set up to improve the marketing of agricultural ppoduce. In it, there is a control of market committee on the sale of agricultural produce. As a result, the malpractices have come to an end in the mandis. Out of the 7600 mandis, about 7000 mandis are regulated. Now more than 70% of the produce is sold in the mandis.
(ii) Storage facilities : Government had set up
Central Warehousing Corporation in 1957. The main objective is to run and construct godowns and warehouses for the storage of agricultural produce. For the same purpose, the state governments have also set up State Warehousing Corporations. Godowns have been established at mandi level and village level. In the beginning of the 10th plan, the storage capacity of all the agencies was 702 lakh tonnes.
(iii) Grading and standardisation : Agricultural
Produce (Grading and Marketing) Act was implemented in 1937. Under this act, govern-ment has established grading stations for goods like flour, ghee, eggs. etc. AGMARK stamp of the department of agricultural marketing is marked on the graded goods. There is a wide market of AGMARK goods. These goods are sold at higher prices.
(iv) Quality control: Government has set central control quality laboratory at Nagpur. Eight other regional laboratories have also been established in various parts of the country. The main objective is to test the quality and purity of agricultural goods. In this way, qual-ity control is being given due importance.
(v) Provision of finance : Financial facilities have
been developed in rural areas. Many public agencies are providing sufficient financial facilities to the farmers.
Marketing surveys : Government has under taken market surveys of different goods from time to time. It has published its report also. These surveys find out the problem relating to the marketing of agricultural goods. They play a very important role to solve these problems also.