Write a short note on Akbar’s Rajput policy

Write a short note on Akbar’s Rajput policy.

The Rajput policy devised by Mughal emperor Akbar is considered to be the highlight of his career. In pursuance of this policy, Akbar entered into matrimonial alliances with the Rajput rulers. Bhara Mal, the ruler of Amber, married his younger daughter Harkha Bai to Akbar. Akbar not only gave complete religious freedom to his wives, he also gave an honoured place to their parents and relatives in the Mughal nobility. Thus, the Rajput policy effectively ended the centuries old animosity between the Mughals and the Rajputs. Also, since the latter were assimilated in the administrative structure of the empire, it affected the public polices of Akbar and helped in the development of a composite culture.