Write a note to explain the effects of the following: (i) The British government's decision to abolish Corn Laws. (ii) The coming of rinderpest to Africa. (iii) The death of men of working age in Europe because of the World War. (iv) The Great Depression

(i) Effect of The British Government’s Decision to Abolish Corn Law : Once the Corn Law was abolished, food could be imported into Britain cheaply.
(ii) Coming of the rinderpest to Africa : Rinderpest a fast spreading disease of cattle plague. It was brought to Africa by European in late 1880s.
It spread westward ‘like forest fire’ destroying almost 90% of African cattle wealth. It destroyed the livelihood of the Africans and paved the way for conquest of Africa.
(iii) After the First World War, most men of working- age were either maimed or dead. These deaths and injuries reduced the workforce of able bodied people. With fewer members in the family, household incomes declined after the war.
(iv) Effect of Great Depression on the Indian Economy : Since by 20th century economy of all countries got interlinked and integrated, the great depression of US in 1929 had a great impact even on India.
The depression immediately affected Indian trade. In 19th century India became an exporter of agricultural goods and importer of manufactures. Herexportand import nearly halved between 1928-34. As international prices crashed, prices in India also plunged. Peasants and farmers were worst hit. Colonial rulers refused to reduce revenue.