Write a detailed note on business and environment protection

Write a detailed note on business and environment protection.
What steps can an enterprise take to protect the | environment from dangers of pollution.
’Businessmen are responsible for aggravating the I problem of pollution. So it becomes their moral j duty to take steps for controlling pollution’. In the light of this statement, explain any six steps to be taken by the businessmen in checking pollution.
What is environment ? Discuss the role of business in environmental protection.

The environment is the sum total of all the surroundings both natural and man-made. The quality of the environment is fast deteriorating because of the business activities. The smoke, effluents and other wastes released from the indus¬tries pollute the environment and hence affect the health of the people. Therefore, it is essential that we should protect our environment.Role of business in environmental protection :

  1. Preventive role : It concentrates on preventing pollution from different activities. This includes :
    (i) Use of CNG vehicles.
    (ii) Recycling of industrial wastes
    (iii) Scientific treatment of emission before their release.
    (iv) Installation of pollution resistant machinery. V/i
  2. Curative role : Steps must be taken to rectify the damage caused to the environment:
    (i) Promoting afforestation.
    (ii) Assisting government agencies and other
    NGO’s in cleaning polluted rivers and management of harmful substances.
  3. Awareness role:
    (i) Promoting awareness about ecological balance.
    (ii) Creating awareness about various causes and
    effects of environmental pollution.