Write a brief note on Lymphatic system in human beings

Write a brief note on Lymphatic system in human beings.
A. 1) Lymphatic system consists of lymph capillaries, lymph vessels, lymph nodes and lymph glands.
2) To supply nutrients to the cells (tissues), the liquid portion of the blood with nutri¬ents flows out of the capillaries. This is called tissue fluid.
3) To transport the tissue fluid into the main blood stream, a separate system called lymphatic system is present.
4) Lymph is the vital link between blood and tissues by which essential substances pass from blood to cells and excretory products from cells to blood.
5) Lymph is the substance that contains blood without solid particles.
6) Tissue fluid is the substance which contains lymph present in the tissues.
7) From intercellular spaces, lymph goes into lymphatic capillaries.
8) Lymphatic capillaries join to form large lymph vessels which finally open into larger veins.
9) Lymph flows only in direction, that is from tissues to heart through veins.
Functions of Lymph:
a) Lymph carries digested and absorbed fats from small intestine to different tissues
of the body. .
b) It helps in removing Waste materials from the cells in the body to drain into blood.
c) Lymph protects cells in the tissues from infection.