Write a brief note on heterotrophic'nutrition

Write a brief note on heterotrophic’nutrition.
A. ) Some organisms depends on other organisms for their food. This type of nutrition is called as heterotrophic nutrition. .
2) There are four main types in heterotrophic nutrition, as
i) Holozoic nutrition ii) Saprotrophicnutrition
iii) Parasitic nutrition iv) symbiotic nutrition
i) Holozoic nutrition: It mean’s animals which eat their food whole. Here the complex
food materials are digested in digestive track. Ex : Man
ii) Saprotrophic nutrition : Here organisms feed on dead organic remains of other
organisms Ex : decomposers .
iii) Parasitic nutrition : Organisms obtain food from Host which is called as parasite. These may be endo or ecto parasite. Ex : tape worm, leach
iv) Symbiotic nutrition : Two or more organisms have close association for long peri¬ods and share and shelter. Ex: Rizobium - leguminous plants