Why is there a need to organise such visits?

Community service department of your school plans a visit to a slum area near the school with an objective to educate the slum dwellers with respect to health and hygiene.
(i) Why is there a need to organise such visits?
(ii) Write the steps you will highlight as a member of this department, in your interactions with them to enable them to . lead a healthy life.

(i) Slums are generally unauthorised and encroached colonies having no public facilities. Due to lack of public facilities and education, the living standards there are very low and people are always at risk.
Thus, there is a need to organise visits to educate people of slum about sanitation and other health related issues.
(ii) Development of healthy life is a bidirectional process and needs the cooperation of both authorities and public of slum area.
Interacting with people, understanding their needs, availability of funds, interaction with all concerned authorities, making a concrete plan of development are required to handle the situation of slums.