Who were indentured labourers?

Who were indentured labourers? How were they recruited? Explain condition of the indentured labourers who went to work in different parts of the world.

Indentured labourers were bonded labourers under contract to work for an employer for a specific amount of time, to pay off their passage to a new country or home. Recruitment was done by agents engaged by employers and was paid a small commission.
The condition of the indentured labourers in different pans of the world was very pathetic.
It can he described as
(i) They were subjected to harsh, inhuman and unsympathetic conditions.
{ii) If they were caught while escaping, they faced severe punishment.
(iii) Deductions were made from their wages, if the work was found unsatisfactory.
{iv) They have very few legal rights.