What were the similarities between bhaktism and sufism?

what were the similarities between Bhaktism and Sufism?

Similarities between bhaktism and Sufism were:

  1. The Bhakti and Sufi movements showed the people that the existence of God could be experienced under the guidance of a guru. Priests or ulemas are not required to feel the presence of God. Thus, many people began to question the authority and domination of their religion by religious authorities.
  2. The Bhakti and the Sufi saints criticised the existence of rituals in the Indian society.
  3. Both Sufi and Bhakti movements emphasised on the feeling of universal brotherhood and religious tolerance. As a result, an environment of mutual love and respect was created among different sections of society.
  4. The Bhakti and Sufi saints preached their teachings in the local language. This led to the development of the local and vernacular languages.