What should be the main elements of 'employment policy'in India in the present

What should be the main elements of 'employment policy’in India in the present context?

Following should be the main elements of employment policy in India in the present context
(i) The employment policy should emphasise on hoth fuller and more productive employment.
(ii) Employment policy must have the objective of higher rate of capital formation.
(iii) Employment should he generated in the normal process or development.
(iv) Employment policy should give more emphasis on self employment.
(v) Measures should be taken to increase employment opportunities for women.
(vi) Emergence of destablising disproportions in the economy should be avoided through greater efficiency in planning.
(vii) There should be an effective reform of the educational system. Emphasis should be on vocational and technical knowledge.
(viii) Cottage industries should be promoted to reduce seasonal unemployment.