What role did modern Indian novels play in day to day life?

  1. Role of Modern Indian Novel in Day to Day Life Modern Indian novels played an important role in
    the day to day life of the Indians.
    (i) As in other parts of the world in India too, the novels became a popular medium of
    entertainment. These gave immense pleasure to common people.
    (ii) The novel absorbs the attention of the reader, transport the reader to the world of the characters, whose happiness and sadness are shared by the readers as if real.
    (iii) Novels became populat among all sections of people including women and children. Even the poor people enjoy the stories of popular novels by listening to stories of novels. Reading Novels is the best leisure time activity.
    (iv) Besides being a pastime and mode of entertainment, novels play an important rqle in inculcating values and ideas in the minds of the people. They inspire people with national ideas. These help in linking the people of all parts.
    (v) Novels offer a special world of imagination. Moreover they often focus on social and political issues and create an awareness among masses to respond positively.
    (vi) Novels like ‘Titash Ekti Nadir Naam’ or ‘Godan’ depict the life of the people or the neglected sections of society. The downtrodden people of these communities began to protest against oppression.
    (vii) Social novelists often created heroes or heroines with ideal qualities, which could be emulated by their readers. These sometime teach the reader how to be modern without rejecting tradition, or how to accept western ideas without losing one’s identity.
    (viii) Indians used novels as a powerful medium to criticise what they considered as social defects and at the same time suggested remedies.
    Vernacular novels were valuable sources of information about native life and customs.