What resources are required for the successful implementation of e-business?

1.Well-designed website: A well designed website is a must for the successful implementation of e-business. The website must provide the necessary information about the company as well as the product and services offered by them. The website must be attractive and updated with the latest information about the concern.
2. Availability of computer hardware : A computer hardware must be available for the successful implementation of the e-business. The computer hardware must be of appropriate memory, speed which ensures the smooth running of the concern. It must provide the following facilities: ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Postals E-mail facilities, etc.
3. Efficient and effective telecommunication
system : The presence of an efficient and effective telecommunication system ensures the successful implementation of e-business. Effective telecommunication must be present in the form of telephone lines, optic fibres cables to handle the traffic on internet. .
4. Well qualified and responsible workforce : A well qualified and responsible workforce must be appointed for the smooth functioning of e-business. The efficient workforce ensures efficiency and the well qualified workforce will lead to economy in the operation and the proper handling of customers’ problems.
5. Adequate system of receiving payment : An adequate system of receiving payment must be present. This will ensure the safety of funds. Tie ups with banks and credit card agencies must be made for safer electronic, receipts and payments.