What measures, as an individual, you would take

What measures, as an individual, you would take to reduce environmental pollution?

As an individual, following steps can be taken:
(i) Never use plastic plates/glasses, just for once, it generates enormous amount of non- biodegradable waste. They can be reused.
(ii) Reuse and recycle plastic, clothes, shoes, bags as much as possible.
(iii) Stop wastage of electricity, water, cooking gas, food, etc.
(iv) Walk or use public transport instead of riding in cars, use sunlight instead of electric light, use cloth bags instead of polybags.
(v) Use kitchen waste to replenish soil nutrients, use RO wastewater for plants or washing floors/cars, etc.
(vi) Grow plants and trees in/near our house.
(vii) Cut down on wastage of paper, pens, other school supplies.
(viii) Never litter around homes or in schools.
(ix) Never add to pollution by using fire crackers, etc.
(x) Use of alternate sources of energy, e.g. solar energy.