What is the objective of movement groups?



What is the objective of movement groups?
Give the name of one such movement group. Mention how do these movements exert influence on politics.


Objective of Movement Groups
The main objective of movement groups is to influence the policies of the government, without directly taking part in electoral competition or policies to fulfil their goals. Movements are always issue-specific.
For example, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Movement for Right to Information, Anti-liquor Movement,
Women’s Movement, etc Environmental Movement.
Every movement has its own specific issue which it wants to achieve.
In the following way, movement groups exert influence on , politics
(i) These movements always try to exert pressure on government for the modification of government’s policies.
(ii) The movement groups sometimes become successful as they enjoy public support.
(iii) These movements are trying to gain popularity by staging dhamas, protest activities, demonstration, etc. Most of them try to influence the media to give more attention to their issue.
(iv) Sometimes the members of movement groups may participate in official bodies and committees that offer advice to the government.