What is the difference/relationship between character,Alleles and traits?

what is the difference/relationship between character, Alleles, and traits?

Trait and characters are same wheres alleles differ from traits.
Trait is a phenotypic character we are look in a person(e.g. height, skin colour, eye colour, etc.)
Alleles are different alternative forms of a gene. (e.g. gene for height has two alleles- tall and dwarf)

Allele Character/Trait
Alleles are the alternative forms of genes. Character or trait is the physical expression of the gene.
Allele is in a specific location in the chromosome. Character or trait is a physical expression and so, does not have any location on the chromosome.
Allele may be in homozygous state or heterozygous state. Character/trait does not have homozygous or heterozygous state.
Allele is a small segment of DNA. Character/trait is a product of biochemical reactions.
Alleles carry information which is responsible for a trait of an individual. Character/trait is a characteristic of an individual.