What do you mean by global warming?

What do you mean by global warming? State the causes and effects of global warming.

The gradual and continuous rise in average temperature of the Earth’s surface is called global warming.
Causes of global warming
(i) High levels of gases, such as carbon dioxide ($C{{O}{2}}$),
methane ($C{{H}
{4}}$), Ozone (O ),
nitrogen oxide (${{N}_{2}}O$), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are
responsible for global warming.
(ii) Burning of fossil fuels in homes and industries,
deforestation, etc., increases the level of carbon dioxide and methane in atmosphere.
Effects of global warming
(i) An increase in temperature would lead to melting of polar ice caps and consequent rise in sea levels.
(ii) Increase in temperature of Earth can cause change in weather and precipitation patterns on the Earth.