What are the uses of Ethylene and Abscissic acid?

Uses of Ethylene :
(a) Ethylene is used for colour development and ripening of certain fleshy fruits.
(b) Application of ethepon in cucumber increases the number of female flowers and hence the fruits.
© The sprouting of storage organs such as rhizomes, corms, tubers can be enhanced by exposing them to ethylene.
(d) Ethepon accelerates abscission of flowers and fruits and is used for thinning of fruits like cotton, cherry, walnut etc.
Uses of Abscissic acid :
(a) ABA can be used as anti-transpirant. Application of minute quantity of ABA to leaves reduces transpiration to a great extent through partial closure of stomata. It thus, conserves water and reduces the requirement of irrigation.
(b) Abscissic acid can be used to promote rooting in many stem cuttings.
© The dormancy of buds, seeds and storage organs can be prolonged by the application of ABA.
(d) Flowering of some short day plants can be induced
by the use of ABA.