What are the motivating factors in the career's choice process?

What are the motivating factors in the career’s choice process ?

Motivating factors that need to be given due attention in the choice of a career are :
(a) Interest : Interest in the career of one’s choice is of paramount importance because it lays the foundation for achieving good results and deriving maximum pleasure and satisfaction in the pursuit of a profession. In its absence, a person may feel like a square peg in a round hole and may not be able to carry on for long in that profession.
(b) Physical fitness : Physical fitness for that career to be undertaking is another quality
that cannot be ignored. This is especially true for the profession of physical education, as a person having poor physical fitness and personality, cannot lead and inspire his students properly.
© Monetary gain : Desirable monetary gain or return is required these days in choosing a career. Such gains work as incentives and poor, monetary benefits cannot keep the interest of a person alive for a long time in a career.
(d) Ideal of Service : In a career of one’s choice, a person may not get desired monetary benefits but an ideal of service to the profession chosen with moderate income, can help a person sail through without feeling unhappy. Such an attitude can help a person make valuable contribution to the career of one’s choice.
(e) Compansion of advantages and disadvantages : In the choice of vocation, it is desirable to make a advantages and disadvantages of each occupation before making a final choice. After a careful evaluation of such factors, one should take a decision regarding the vocation of his life. In arriving at the final decision, a person will definitely have to study himself as well as the vocation.
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