What are the main features of democracy?

What are the main features of democracy ?

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. – Abraham Lincoln.

The main features of a Democracy are as follows:

Majority Rule– It is the system of government which is based on parliamentary majorities.

Representative Elections- Here public is allowed to elect represtatives to speak for their views and interests.

Multi-party System- Democracy gives voters the opportunity to choose from a variety of political parties, represting a wide range of political opinion.

Freedom of Speech- There is no restriction is placed on the right to opinions and express then openly.

Freedom of Association-There is no restriction placed on people who wants to form political parties to take part in democratic life.

Freedom of Assembly- There is no restriction on the right to hold meetings or organise demonstrations provided those do not violate the rights of others.

Respect the Individual Rights - State must always protect its individuals whose rights are endangered by the actions of others.

Respect for Minority Rights – Minorities should not have their basic rights disrupted by the majority.

Respect for the Law - Public who are given democratic rights should obey the laws that provide these rights.

Respect for Democratic Procedures - Individuals or groups who have grievances against the system should operate within it, seeking to change the law through legal means.

Independence of Judiciary: Freedom of Judiciary is an essential feature of democracy. Judiciary must be always free from any resistor of the executive or the legislature. Judges must be truthful and should deliver justice impartially.