What are the effects of alcohol on the performance of sportsmen?

What are the effects of alcohol on the performance of sportsmen ?

Effects of Alcohol on Sports performance :
(a) Physical Fitness Decreases and chances of Injuries increase a lot. Hence, looking at all the ill effects that consumption of alcohol has, it is wise to avoid consuming liquor in any form.
(b) It is difficult for a drunk player to concentrate on the game and to remember the techniques, strategies and tactics of the game. A sportsman tends to be aggressive after intake of alcohol and plays a rough game.
© Alcohol reduces the ability of a person to make decision. One has poor judgement and decision making ability e.g. a tennis player under influence of alcohol can not judge the ball properly and hence cannot decide quickly where to hit.
(d) The efficiency of a sports person decreases when he is under the influence of liquor.
This is because the neuro-muscular coordination of a person under the influence of liquor is poor e.g. a basketball or Soccer player cannot dribble or pass the ball with, accuracy.
(e) Alcohol consumed regularly, hampers the performance of an athlete. Intake of alcohol results in the increase in reaction time. Brain and muscles take more time to react to a stimulus. Athletes of short distance races or events like shooting, archery etc, where reaction time plays a crucial role are at a disadvantage because of an increase in the reaction time.