What are the different documents that used in an import transaction ? State any four such documents

Trade enquiry: It is a written request made by an importing firm to the overseas supplier for providing information regarding the price and various terms and conditions for exporting goods.
2. Proforma invoice : It is a document prepared by the exporter giving details regarding quality, design, grade, size, weight and price of the export product, as well as terms and conditions of exporting goods.
3. Shipment advice : It is a document sent by the exporter to the importer in order to inform the importer that the shipment of goods has been made. Shipment advice provides details about invoice number, bill of lading, name of the vessel, the port of export, etc.
4. Bill of entry : It is an application form supplied by the customs office to the importer. At the time of receiving the goods, the importer has to fill in three copies of this form and submit the same to the customs office. It contains information such as name of ship, number of packages, marks on the packages, name and address of the exporter, etc.’