What are the demerits of democracy?Explain

What are the demerits of democracy?

Democracy is better than any other form of government. It gives equal rights and freedom to every individual. But then also, it has some demerits.
Following are the demerits of democracy :
(i) Unstable government Lots of political parties are allowed to criticise the government and its policies. Sometimes, it leads to the downfall of the ruling party and re-elections in the country. This gives instability to the government.
(ii) Slow and inefficient government The most common demerit of democracy is that, it is slow in its functioning. The decision-making process involves long debates and deliberations in the Parliament. This takes a lot of time before the decisions are actually taken.
(iii) Incompetence Democracy gives every individual the right to voice his concern. As a result, everybody focusses on his personal interests and not the -
collective interests. This sometimes leads to incompetent and wrong selections of the candidates in the government.
(iv) Role of money in a democracy Money plays an important role at the time of the elections. A lot of money is needed to organise demonstrations, public meetings and speeches. Those candidates are chosen in the elections, who can raise lot of money for the party.