Suppose you are a resident of a village, suggest a few measures

Suppose you are a resident of a village, suggest a few measures to tackle the problem of poverty.

As a resident of a village, a few measures which, I would suggest to alleviate poverty from rural areas are as follows
(i) Identifing the poorest who is in the most urgent need of assistance.
(ii) Allocation of funds for poverty alleviation programmes must be increased.
(iii) Implementation of poverty alleviation programmes should be done by involving the village
panchayat and local people.
(iv) Focus of schemes should be more on providing income generating assets which can provide sustainable income for the poor.
(v) Vocational training should he provided to the youth to enable them to earn their livelihood.
(vi) Improved delivery mechanism should be put in place in schools so that the level of education is brought up to the required standards.
(vii) Credit facilities through banks and micro finance institutions should be provided to the people
to save them from indebtedness to the exploitative moneylenders.
(viii) Farmers should he provided land for cultivation and irrigation, warehousing and marketing facilities should he provided to small farmers.
(ix) Targeted Public Distribution System (PDS) should be adopted to provide food security to BPL families.
(x) Committed government officials should be given the responsibility of rural development programmes.