Summarize "The last lesson"

Summarize “The last lesson”

We’d appreciate if you ask us specific questions related to the lessons. While we understand that it can be difficult to interpret poetry, we strongly feel that the stories in Flamingo and the other prescribed textbooks are written lucidly, and can be easily understood. Should you face difficulties in understanding the lessons even after having read them, we will help you in understanding the parts that you have not followed.

Here is a short summary of The Last Lesson.

The Last Lesson is a story set in the 19th century. It unfolds around the time when Prussian forces led by Bismarck overtake France and discontinued the teaching and use of French in the areas under their control. The story describes the last lesson conducted by Mr. M. Hamel, the French teacher at the local school who was also asked to leave. Franz the narrator as well as a student in Mr. M. Hamel’s class describes his dislike for the subject and fear of being punished for not completing his homework at the beginning of the story. His cribbing later turns into regret when he realized that the time he and many others like him whiled away instead of studying their language will never come back and he will never be able to have a complete grasp over it.