Please send some sample BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES exercises

Please send some sample BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES exercises and some of the exercises related to PHRASES. THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE

Biographicaol Sketch

A biographicaol sketch or a bio-sketch is a short and crisp summary of the life and works of a renowned person. It is usually written in a paragraph of less than 150 words and contains facutal details about the person. The first and the most important step towards writing a bio-sketch is creating a rough draft containg factual detains in the form of points which need to be included in the paragraph.

Following is a Sample of a bio-sketch:
Bio Sketch of Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth is an Indian novelist and a poet born on 20 June 1952. He has written several novels and penned six volumes of poetry. Seth has travelled far and wide and lived in Britain, California, India and China. The Golden Gate: A Novel in Verse (1986) was his first novel. A Suitable Boy (1993) and An Equal Music (1999) are some of his famous novels. The first volume of poetry that Seth wrote was Mappings (1980). It includes translations of work by Chinese, German and Hindi poets. He also wrote The Frog and the Nightingale (1994), Beastly Tales (1991), and Three Chinese Poets (1992). In 2007, he was awarded the Padma Shri in Literature & Education.

Some samples of rough drafts for bio-sketches are given below. Use the points given in them to frame your own bio-sketches.
Sample 1 – George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair — pen name — George Orwell
Born — 25 June 1903 — Motihari, Bihar
Education — Convent School in Henley-on-Thames; Eton College
Career — Indian Police Service, posted in Burma; left and became a writer
Married to Eileen O’Shaughnessy — 9 June 1936
Writing — prolific writer— poetry, fiction, journalism
Best known books — Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four
Died — 21 January 1950 in London
Sample 2 – Joanne Rowling

British Novelist

Pen Names — J. K. Rowling, Robert Galbraith
Born —31 July 1965, Yate, Gloucestershire
Education — St Michael’s Primary School, The University of Exeter, England
Works — Best known for Harry Potter (2007), a series of seven fantasy novels
Personal life — Lives in Scotland with her husband and three children

Currently UK’s best-selling living author
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