Observe the given figure and answer the following questions

Observe the given figure and answer the following questions.

(i) State the nature of solution marked (1).
(ii) What process has been depicted in figures Cto D?
(iii) What will be present in the space marked as (2)?
(iv) In which figures turgor pressure will be zero?
(v) In which figures wall pressure will be positive?

(i) The solution marked as (1) will be hypertonic (more concentrated) due to which cell shrinks.
(ii) From C to D, figure is showing the process of deplasmolysis as shrinked cell has again
regained its original shape.
(iii) In space marked as (2) hypotonic solution and water is present.
(iv) Turgor pressure will be zero in figure B and C because cell is in a flaccid condition.
(v) Wall pressure will be positive in figure A and D because in these figure cell wall is
exerting equal and opposite pressure against the expanding protoplasm.